Ultrasound- The Ultimate Use of Sound

Since the discovery of radiology, there have been very few procedures which involved any kind of implementation of radiation. Ultrasound has been one of them.

Within the gamut of the processes which is there in the radiology family, this aforementioned process takes the use of sound to the fullest level. For a patient there are several reasons to go through the process of Ultrasound.

Whether one is expecting the life which is growing within or if there are symptoms of irregular blood circulation on the arterial level, there is but one answer to it and that is none other than Ultrasound.

What is Ultrasound,

Ultrasound can be known to common man as the medical imaging technique which uses high frequency sound waves which produces echo. The outcomes of the echo are the images which help in Diagnosis. A similar technique can be seen in the animal kingdom used by the animals such as bats, whales and dolphins.

This process is known by the term echolocation, where the sound is bounced of an object to decipher the location of a particular location. Similar technology can be seen to be used by submarines to locate the proximity of the nearby object.

The main objective of the article is to elucidate upon ultrasound on a holistic manner through the following lines.

Ultrasound through the Sands of Time

What we know ultrasound today, it had its base built upon SONAR technology. SONAR stands as an acronym for Sound Navigation and Ranging, which is highly utilized in the category of submarine and naval warfare.

Ultrasound, on the other hand, was purely a diagnostic technique, which had its inception way back in the 1826 by a Swiss Physicist, Jean Daniel Colladon, whose main motive was to find out the diagnostic value of sound.

Several studies were made on the vibration, propagation, refraction of sound at this period of time. In 1880 physicists Pierre and Jacque Curie came up the pressure electricity or Piezoelectricity effect which involves the transducer probe emitting and receiving sound waves. Following the invention of ultrasound, in the midst of 19th century, Austrian Physicist with the name of Christian Doppler and Buys Ballot came up with Doppler Effect. The process of the Doppler involves the pitch of the sound which changes if the object is in motion. Physicist Gabriel Lippmann fortified the base of ultrasound theory through his mathematical deduction using thermodynamic principles.

It was not before 1940s, Ultra sound was used in the field of medical science. Prior to that this, sound technology was used for detection of iceberg and underwater minefield during war times. But it was revealed that excessive use of Sonar would lead to excessive destruction of marine life forms due to its heating effects.

These disruptive effects were implemented more on the medical ground to save people rather than to destroy lives. Ultrasound since then has been continuously helping the human kind for the detection of the disease.

The Configuration of the Ultrasound Machine

The modern contraption of ultrasound can be divided into:

i. Transducer Probe which helps in emitting and receiving sound waves.

ii.A computer or the central processing unit which does all the calculation and provides the power for itself and transducer probe.

iii.Monitor or the Display units which helps in capturing the image from ultrasound processed by the CPU.

transducer pulse control helps in capturing the amplitude, frequency as well as the duration of the pulse control.

v. Keyboards are present for taking the data from the image along with a hard disk for storing the image.

The Ultrasound Process

The process takes place through the few following steps:

In which areas of medical science you would be finding the uses of Ultrasounds,

Ultrasound is one process which does not involve any kind of intervention or application of radiation. Thus it is being used in several areas of medical science.

How Do The Patient Prepare,

The ultrasound procedure is never a risky procedure. The patient after reaching the Ultrasound room has to remove the clothes of the portion where the ultrasound procedure would be implemented. The radiologist would be providing a cloth for the covering of the areas which are not needed.

The area of the patient’s body which would be going through the process, a mineral based jelly is going to be applied which helps in eliminating the air between the probe and the skin. The probe is covered in plastic and is rubbed over the desired area. This helps in passing of the waves through the body.

After the measurement is taken, the data is either stored on a disk and the hard copy version of the images is given to the patient himself. This process is common for every shelter across the world including Narellan Ultrasound, Australia.

What can be predicted in the future of Ultra Sound,

With contraption in every field getting smaller and smaller, it can be deduced that the Ultra Sound machine would be reduced in size. The aspect of 3D Ultrasound would be more developed and become more popular with time.

With HUD or Heads up Display getting into vogue, there are possibilities the doctor would be able diagnose the patient remotely through this non-invasive procedure.

So if you are willing to learn more on Ultrasound, you can always look online or go for Radiology department in Narellan.

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