Lifestyle Diseases Can Break Your Bank – Protect Yourself With Medical Insurance

With a rise in the purchasing power and growing economy of the country, comes along many setbacks as well. Due to many reasons people lead a sedentary life with moderate or no workout and hog onto junk food. Not only does it affect the youngsters – the working population but the kids as well. The shocking reality mirrors the apparent rise in the number of lifestyle related diseases – both in men and women. Incidentally, Indian cities are at the receiving end of this vicious cycle where health has taken the backseat.

According to some notable Physicians of the country, not only does the hectic schedule contributes to the lack of physical activity but less and less fiber intake is also responsible for many cardiovascular diseases which are on the rise. Some of the lifestyle diseases that plague our population are discussed below –

Diabetes – We lead in many things; among them diabetes tops the chart. With 61.3 million affected people, India is leading the world of Diabetes. Doctors suggest we are consuming more calories now and our day to day diet has transformed from the homemade food to processed food. Apart from this, smoking and alcohol also contribute to the menace. According to a study approximately 10.8 women and 11.1 Indian men suffer from Diabetes. Also, people suffering from diabetes and obesity are more likely to suffer from liver diseases as well.

Heart Ailments – Heart attack, stroke and high cholesterol levels contribute to deaths related to heart diseases every year in India. Doctors suggest a minimum of 15 – 25 minute of intense daily workout in the younger years regularly to ward off the problem.

Obesity – Due to the present day work culture where men and women remain desk bound. Even at home, when housewives have maids to help with the chores; obesity substitutes much important physical activity. According to a survey 13% of women and 9% men suffer from obesity. Doctors suggest working people to move around a lot and take the stairs instead of elevators and a brisk walk to the office if they can. Housewives must not depend on maids to complete all the house work and remain physically active to reduce the chances of getting obese.

Entertainment – TV and Internet viewing catches people young. When kids prefer to watch television or play games on the computer over playing in the parks, sedentary life starts to set in. Parents should control eating habits of their kids and also teach them how to make healthy means in their absence so that they don’t order food from outside.

Diseases that can affect you are aplenty. You must keep a balance between work and personal life and inculcate a healthy lifestyle to live better. However, it always makes sense to be prepared for any eventuality and for that make sure you invest in a medical health insurance. A medical insurance protects you and family in medical emergencies and doesn’t let you break your bank during a medical crisis.


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