Increasing Number of Accidents in India Makes Disability Insurance Popular

Accidental Deaths and Injuries Sustained by India Annually

Even as we find ourselves on the threshold of stepping into 2013, statistics connected with accidents across most important cities of India reveal that over 1.2 lakh people die annually in the Subcontinent, along with an astounding figure of 12, 70,000 people who sustain injuries in various road accidents.

There are qualified reports of over 6600 deaths and 3300 serious injuries which take place every day because of fatal RTAs. It is indeed concerning that one of the fastest developing economies of the world is home to severe disabilities occurring amongst vehicle occupants, motorcyclists and pedestrians due to careless driving and non compliance of traffic regulations.

Significance of Disability Insurance Policies

As India tries in vain to cope with the dubious distinction of having one of the worst records for road safety and precautions, experts and statisticians keep coming up with gloomier figures of causalities and road injuries which lead to death and disabilities. It therefore becomes important for commuters to undertake a well researched disability insurance policy, which guarantees fair compensation in the event of injuries which may lead to permanent or temporary physical damage. Short term disability insurance is also available for people.

It has been established that the most severe disabilities are caused to the lower limbs or head due to impact during collision or accidents. These fatal mishaps and road crashes result in unprecedented grief and suffering for the family members of the deceased or injured.

According to survey reports, the economic losses caused to the victims and their families chalks up to the tune of 1-3 percent of the GDP and thus requires immediate action plans for alleviating the personal losses and negative effects of disability or death.

Overview of disabilities caused due to accidents

The marked effects of the accident caused due to no deliberate or apparent cause, can result in severe limb injury, multiple damages and subsequent disability. Ranging from neck sprains and injury to the spinal cord and brain to total loss of limbs or amputation of other parts of the body, accidents can take a psychological and economic toll on the affected in more ways than one. It makes a lot of sense to take out short term disability insurance or go in for products which promise adequate accident benefits.

Benefits of disability insurance policies

Disability can result from a varied range of accidents which result in dementia, burn injury, amputation, epilepsy, hearing loss, post traumatic stress disorder and traumatic spinal or brain injury among other concerning situations.

Disability Insurance policy holders in India can avail of the benefits which are not imparted by general insurance or life insurance products. The disability riders in the health plans or critical illness policy covers serve as a welcome relief for people looking for protective coverage from accidental disasters which change the course of their life.

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