How Accurate Should Medical Transcription Output Be

Medical transcription refers to the industry which deals with converting the digital reports dictated by physicians into a text format. Although the popularity has risen in recent years, the process of digital-text conversion is actually not a new one since it has been used in the manufacturing sector dating back to 50 years ago. You can just imagine how difficult it was then with the antiquated recording equipment and as early as 20 years ago; typewriters are still the main tool to encode the data. But advancements in technology also changed the way hospitals are storing patient files and that means converting them into electronic files that can be easily accessed by medical personnel.

Standard margin for error

Since the field deals with life and death situation, accuracy of the output is very important. The company offering medical transcription services should be able to deliver better than 98% accuracy rate, which is the industry standard. This means the staff employed by the company should be able to work through the ambient noise, the different cadence and accents of the medical personnel, the medical jargons, diagnosis and various types of medicines. Anything less than the standard should be a red flag for you to stay away and consider other medical transcriptionist companies.

Why accuracy is important

One of the main and obvious reasons for insisting on accuracy is to avoid a wrong diagnosis due to misinterpretation. In a perfect world, each doctor can memorize each patient’s disease and needs and won’t even have to consult the patient’s records. But of course, that’s not possible. In some cases, the patient is turned over to another doctor who has no idea about the case and will have to consult the records. A small clerical error in the value of the laboratory test or the name of the prescribed drugs can go a long way in misdiagnosing the disease. Second, accurate online medical transcription output will help the hospital and doctors avoid a lawsuit. With doctors facing medical malpractice suits left and right, they should be able to protect themselves through the use of transcription services. Then, the doctor or hospital also has their own reputation to uphold. Accurate text reports being delivered on time will help safeguard the credibility of the physician.

How to ensure accuracy

Health industry professionals should look at the accuracy rate of the allied health industry. First, the personnel should be fluent in the English language and preferably with a background in the medical field so they will know about lab values, drug terminologies, procedures, anatomy, signs and symptoms, diseases and superior listening skills. Companies offering medical transcription services should also have editors in their roster to double check the reports.

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