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The most common ailment that thousands of people have is sciatica which presents with tingling, leg pain, weakness and numbness in the lower back that radiates through the buttock and down the back of the leg through the large sciatica nerve. It is only a symptom of an underlying medical condition. This can be categorized by symptoms such as pain radiating down one side of the leg and buttock, when sitting the pain worsens, tingling and burning down the one leg, sharp pains that make it difficult to walk or stand up as well as numbness, difficulty in moving the foot or leg and weakness. Pain can vary from irritating to infrequent to causing you to become incapacitated. The symptoms can also vary as can the severity and location of pain especially if you have a lumbar herniated disc.

When the large sciatica nerve is irritated one will experience sciatica symptoms. This nerve is a largest single nerve in the human body and comprises of individual nerve roots that branch out from the spine into the lower back. The nerve is situated at the lumbar segment 3 of the lower back, where a nerve root exists at each level of the lower spine and runs down the back of the leg. It rarely occurs before the age of twenty, and mainly occurs during one middle age of which peaks at 50 and then starts declining. Symptoms develop over time and injuries are not a known cause of sciatica. People, who experience sciatica, usually find that within a few weeks the pain resolves without any treatment. However, a pinched nerve that causes sciatica can be debilitating and severs and requires treatment from a chiropractor clinic North Sydney Eastwood. If neurological symptoms such as balder and bowel dysfunction or leg weakness appear, then surgical intervention may be necessary. The treatment of sciatica focuses on relieving the symptoms, which are non surgical and self care. The most common causes include lumbar herniated discs where the soft inner core of the disc herniates or leaks out. A natural process that occurs from ageing is degenerative disc disease which can irritate the nerve root. Another cause for sciatica is lumbar spinal stenosis which is narrowing of the spinal canal related to aging, is a common aliment for people over 60.

The sciatica nerve can become irritated if you have piriformis syndrome or sacroiliac joint dysfunction where one will also experience pain down the back of the leg. Conditions such as muscle strain, pregnancy, hormonal changes, scar tissue, infection and spinal tumours can also cause sciatica and it is important to diagnose the cause. The treatment for sciatica will differ according to the symptoms and cause.

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