Dialysis – Treatment for Kidney Failure

Kidney dialysis treatment can be the best solutions for the patients who temporary of permanently have lost their kidney function due to chronic renal failure or kidney disease. It is an artificial kidney function replacement that helps to remove the wastes and extra fluid from blood.

Our kidney plays an important role in maintaining health. It maintains the body’s internal balance of water and minerals such as sodium, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, chloride, sulphate and magnesium. Further, it also excreted many of acidic products from our body that cannot get rid of through the respirations. Our Kidney is also involved in production of red blood cells and formation of healthy bones in the body. If our kidney fails or stops to functioning properly, the waste and excess of fluid cannot be removed from the blood and consequently the blood pressure raises and it all result into swelling and itching.

Hence, in case of kidney failure, a substitute is required to done its functions properly. In general, patients, who are suffering from this disease, go for dialysis treatment that is mostly available in hospitals, clinics and diagnostic centres. The treatment has various types and it depends on one’s condition that which of the dialysis will be most suitable for him. Kidney dialysis types include peritoneal dialysis, hemofiltration and intestinal dialysis.

Whatever type of dialysis you are choosing you must follow some precautions such as go through a diet chart advised by your doctor, take special vitamins and other medicines to maintain a level of calcium, minerals and phosphorus in the blood. If you choose a hemofiltration you are required to take the treatment three to four times in a week, but it is strictly advised to all the patients who are going through hemodialysis treatment to follow a strict diet control and fluid control comparatively to those patients who are taking peritoneal dialysis.

Peritoneal dialysis is the best option for the patients who prefer independence. This type of it can be given at home. Peritoneal treatment is given every day to the patient. The major disadvantage this treatment is infection, because in this type of it a plastic tube goes from peritoneal cavity to outside the body and from this part of the body bacteria may also enter into the body. Therefore it is necessary for the patients who are taking peritoneal dialysis to take some extra care of cleanliness.

If you are patient of critical kidney disease and looking for a dialysis facility care centre near to you, the online site can help you in finding a best clinic or centre suitable for you. Here you can find the address of various dialysis care centres, their contact information and other detail.

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