Bloody Surprises – Digestive Bleeding

Loss of blood from upper gastrointestinal tract (esophagus, stomach, and duodenum) may extend through hematemesis (throwing up of blood) or melena.

Throughout a routine medical examination, some people might complain about recent episodes of gastrointestinal bleeding. This story explains the appearance of dark stool, as oil, or, alternatively, red blood or vomit that in some cases contains percentages of blood faded with looks like coffee premises. That many of these patients do not feel ill makes them to postpone the presentation to the medical professional and in the meantime the above symptoms may vanish, which produces a sense of recovery.

Upper intestinal bleeding grouped a number of diseases belonging to the upper part of the digestive tract and share that manifests itself by eliminating trough the mouth new blood (hematemesis) or digested blood through stool (melena). Beyond their gravity, such diseases cause a panic for the patient (which drains pipes blood!), and since the source of bleeding is not visible, this unidentified situation highlights this sensation.

Causes of intestinal bleeding.

Although their cause is numerous, in practice, over 95% of these hemorrhages are from the 4 most typical diseases: ulcer disease, gastric cancer, gastritis produced by the irritant action of drugs or other chemicals swallowed and advanced liver cirrhosis. For that reason, the bleeding itself is not an illness, but an issue of an illness that has actually been around for a long time and that its development has worn down through the wall of the gastrointestinal system, including this erosion in a capillary, large or little, which triggered bleeding. There are likewise scattered bleeding, whose source can not be clearly highlighted.

Exactly what we do,

The very first thing to do in a GI bleeding is to determine the cause. For that reason, it is essential for emergency situation medical assistance. In the house, throughout transport and at the health center patient stays without pillows. Bleeding does not deal with in your home! Any upper GI bleeding ought to be hospitalized! The faster and more reputable diagnosis is endoscopic evaluation of the digestive tube, technique that, by direct visualization of the duodenum, stomach and esophagus, allows recognition of bleeding (ulcer, tumor, disintegration, esophageal varices and so on). From this point forward, healing attitude is different.

Serious bleeding, sudden, and lethal blood loss by big quantity in a brief time need administration of blood and other infusion solutions. After stop bleeding starts gradually refueling, beginning with cold liquid and then slowly with pasta. Anemia can be fixed by handling chronic iron-based supplements. By their look and manifestation, and by the disease that they conceal behind, gastrointestinal bleedings can produce unpleasant surprises. On a few of them we can avoid, we can most successfully deal with, however none we can not neglect.


Prevention of gastrointestinal bleeding seems challenging thinking about the many diseases that might cause them. However observing the causes, it is observed that numerous gastrointestinal bleeding might be prevented rather easily.

In basic, but particularly individuals with digestive disorders or who have actually had gastrointestinal bleeding ought to prevent bleeding risk medications: aspirin – considered any cold – and anti-inflammatorily drugs most administered without medical indicator for any sort of discomfort. It must be emphasized that buffered aspirin does not remove the danger of bleeding.

If these drugs are prescribed by a medical professional for another disorder, must be obligatory taken after a meal, preferably with gastric security (stomach antacids or antisecretory). And you need to have a look of feces. If you see black in color, it would be best to present yourself to the health center.

Also, preventing extreme intake of alcohol, tobacco, coffee would definitely prevent many gastrointestinal bleeding. Fair treatment of ulcers is another method to prevent hemorrhagic issue.

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