Benefits of Medical Transcription Companies

Medical transcription simply means the typing of the audio in to the doctor’s report. The reports are kept as a record every time a patient goes to doctor. In many places, the typed reports are mandatory such as insurance companies, this shows that how important these have became to us in the recent few years. All these transcriptions are done by the skilled transcriptionists. This helps the doctors’ office and hospitals all around the world. Transcriptionists are the skilled and well qualified persons appointed by the medical transcription service providers all around the world who work sitting in their houses. The transcriptionist get their pay as per their job assigned is completed on time or the time given to them.

Medical transcription

Medical transcription actually means the conversion of the doctor’s audio records in to a written text document. The document includes the patient’s history, such as physical status of the patient, laboratory test reports, reporting and discharging summaries, problems, prescriptions, and other medical records. This can be carried out to any medical professional for further assistance and can also be used as a legal medical proof for official purpose.

Medical transcription companies are the well known respected organizations in the medical industry at many places across the world. The companies are established all over the world. It provides its services to the hospitals, doctors, medical practitioners and MTSOs. The best quality service is provided in Canada and USA at an economical price.

The process of Medical transcription

This process begins after receiving the audio or the voice recorded data. The audio is sent through magnetic media. The doctors can call and dictate the message to the designated number with the help of a toll free number, where it is recorded after its conversion to a server. The company connects to the server with a high speed internet service provider and downloads the dictations left by customer organizations or the doctors. The transcriptionists use ear phones to hear, foot pedal for start- stop control and they use messages to hear and control the speed of audio to be transcribed. Medical spellcheckers are used for the efficient transcription.

Potential threats

Medical transcription companies have a very strong opportunity. These industries have witnessed consolidation in the last few years. This is happening because the maturity is increasing and the differentiation between the service providers is decreasing. Within the constant cost bracket, by developing special features the attempt can be made by the vendors to the provider’s value differentiation. As a potential concern, intelligent voice recognition software is perceived by the industry. However the transcribed information needs to be edited for accuracy by the human.

From all the above data we have concluded that the medical transcriptions are becoming important day by day. As the importance of the transcriptionists is increasing at the same place the importance of the medical transcription company is also increasing. So the Medical transcription service providers must take care while choosing their transcriptionists. A bad transcriptionist will spread a bad name of the company.

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